The Interface between robots & WMS - Webinar

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Ulrich Kaiser

Ulrich is the Head of Customer Success at Magazino and takes care, that all customer projects run smoothly and lead to success.

Florin Wahl

Florin is in charge of Public Relations at Magazino. He is your perfect contact person for press relations, all kinds of online- and offline events as well as marketing related topics.


The interface between robots and the Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Questions about the connection between robots and the WMS are one of the most frequently asked questions on every event. Therefore we decided to create a webinar focusing on this topic.

How do the mobile picking robots from Magazino know what they have to do next? How is the interface usually designed between to individual robot, the fleet manager system from Magazino and the WMS from the warehouse? What are the requirements on both sides? And how much resources does it usually take to get everything up and running? 

 In this webinar we will provide you answers to those and many more question. 


  1. 00:00 to 00:05: Introduction by Ulrich Kaiser (Head of Project Management at Magazino)
  2. 00:05 to 00:20: Typical process of connecting the robots to your WMS + examples
  3. 00:20 to 00:30: Q & A